Online Auction – 2017!

The 2017 online auction is now LIVE! 

Go and peruse the many awesome items donated by some fantastic and generous businesses around Greater Victoria, right here: 

The auction is EFM’s main annual fundraiser, helping us fund things like insurance and other fun things!

Check out the many donors on our sponsors page.

Esquimalt Farmers Market is gearing up for a third incredible season and are reaching out in hope that we can call on your fundraising support for 2017!

EFM is holding a third online auction running from March 1 until March 31, 2017, and are keen to hear from you if you would like to make a contribution!

Last year donations from local businesses had an approximate $4800 value, and EFM raised $2400. This was enough to cover insurance as well as some of the extensive advertising that happened in 2016. As EFM is a volunteer run not-for-profit organization, the contribution from local business was HUGE and key to EFM’s success! The 2016 online auction saw over 10,000 views (up from 5000 in 2015), so we are confident the 2017 auction will help spread the word of your generosity and bring your business new customers!

In 2017 EFM hopes to double the funds raised in the previous year. EFM found the online auction to be a great way to advertise the up and coming Market season while drumming up excitement. EFM also had feedback that this was a benefit for businesses who contributed. 

Suggested donations are Gift Certificates that both cover the value of a median-priced item at your business (this encourages a visit to your location, while showcasing what you provide and leaves opportunity to more to be added to the total spent); demonstrates your business’s unique contribution to alluring potential customers to Victoria & Vancouver Island.

If you think your business may be better suited to advertising through Sponsorship during the 2017 Market Season, there are a couple of options in the Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities document.  EFM will be bringing back Market Bucks as well as Food Court and Music Stage sponsorship packages. This component of support from local businesses allowed EFM to donate Market Bucks to The Rainbow Kitchen, Esquimalt Neighbourhood House, Esquimalt Refugee Family group, Burnside Gorge Community Centre and Seniors programs at the Esquimalt Rec Centre, as well as promoting the market via social media promotions.

Thank you for your consideration, and if you have any questions of how your business can work with EFM to build another vibrant season please get in touch. We look forward to working with your business for the future of our well-regarded Market in the community that is our home, Esquimalt!

Thank you,

Katrina Dwulit, President & Founder of the Esquimalt Farmers Market Society.

Please contact us about your donation by email: manager (at) esquimaltmarket (dot) com.

Vanessa PattisonOnline Auction – 2017!